The Favored Chinese Sky Track in Internal Medical Fair

Reprinted fromTechnology Daily
Reported by Journalist Xiao Nan from Technology Daily, on the 42th Arab Health Fair held in Dubai World Trade Center there days, the Sky Track, a ceiling lift system developed by Guangzhou Humaneotec Co.,Ltd attracted the eyeball of visitors. Many hospital representatives and agents presented their favorable comments on this product made in China。
Sky Track is the equipment used for patient transfer. By pressing on the buttons of remote control, the paralysis patient can move easily in ward. Humaneotec is the first high-tech company to develop ceiling life system in China. Since its first ceiling lift system explored in 2003, it has cooperated with Sun Yat-sen University and Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences to setup Guangdong Rehab Medicine & Clinic Translational Engineering Technology and Research Center, the first engineering and research center for rehabilitation in China under the approval of Guangdong Science & Technology Department. 
“Our Sky Track is not an simple concept, but can provide a series of complete support and services including rail design, nursing method training, long-term system maintenance and followup by professional engineers.” The head of Humaneotec introduced to visitors in fair. 
“Your product can compare to the best ceiling lift system in the world. Its application and operation are perfect and considering innovation, safety and the special sites.” According to Brett, who is running the largest medical equipment import and export company in Australia. Brett expressed that there is a big chance to cooperate with Humaneotec after inquiring the main parameters, hanger material and applications. Before that, he cooperated with the related manufacturers from England or Australia only, and this year, he will come to Guangzhou for cooperation.




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