A letter from founder:
Time flies! It has been 8 years since Humaneotec was established.
Humaneotec, started from an agent, has grown into a company integrated with independent research and production. Understanding the needs of clients and users on equipment of medical treatment and sports medicine, Humaneotec takes product improvement and innovation as a core in its development. 
With response to the national strategy to deepen health reform, develop medical rehabilitation and basic medical service, and control medical costs, Humaneotec has altered its emphasis to research and production of rehabilitation equipment and assistive devices, aimed at supplying the safer, more comfortable and humanistic rehabilitation products to hospitals, rehabilitation institutes, nursing home, community and even family. 
In past 8 years, Humaneotec products and service had obtained the cognition of users in and out of China for its high quality. I represent the staff of humaneotec to express thanks to the support from medical institutes, guidance from experts and efforts of cooperative companies. 
Humaneotec will persist on its object and core value of integrity, profession and innovation as before. 
Thanks for your support to Humaneotec in the past days. We need your participation to Humaneotec in every tomorrow. Let’s contribute our ability and wisdom to China’s rehabilitation medicine and witness the achievements.

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